on a small scale

Yes, our business is small but exclusive. Many private customers and gastronomers have come to know, appreciate and savour our consistently fine wines. From Austria and Germany all the way to the US.

Take time to find pleasure in wine and in life. It’s worth it.


straightforward. honest. very drinkable.

Franz Preisinger
The father-in-law

Rupert Reinberger
The son-in-law

It was almost twofold love that made me want to work with wine and the reason for how we present ourselves as a winery today.

Fels am Wagram is my hometown. After growing up there, it’s hard to get around the tradition, the wine and the pleasure of life. It’s all about respect for the soil, the grapes, the product of wine as a whole – if you like it, it inevitably turns into your reality. And that’s exactly what happened.

Then along came Eva-Maria, the daughter of a winegrower. Today, my wife and doctor.
I quit my engineering studies and immersed myself in vineyard and wine cellar work.

Franz, my father-in-law, taught me the centuries-old tradition of winemaking step by step. Learning by doing plus a specialist and master winemaker class. I’m an aficionado, time to drink is paramount for me. Tearing around, on the other hand, is not for me. Everything must be well thought out. I want to produce honest, drinkable, straightforward wines in order to be convincing. And there should one for every palate. The “very loessy” ones are light, young and fresh. Ruppersthal, with its southwest-facing location in loess gravel, is home to our prime location Mordthal. The Rainthal is located in Unterstockstall. That’s what we call vintage wines. The “Wagram Stölln” presents itself terrace-like with its medium-bodied classics. Anciently typical for Wagram.

flying high to stay on the ground.

The majority of our approximately 17-acre vineyard is for whites, but we also make fine, full-bodied reds. We place great value on craftsmanship and I think you’ll be able to tell the difference. The conscious avoidance of pesticides and active crop management in the vineyards are already a matter of course.

I almost forgot the highlight of our business: Our old loess cellar. It’s the perfect ripening cellar for our wines with a longer maturation period. The Wagram itself is already quite the attraction. Its up to 40 metre-high fault scarp made of pleistocene loess is the typical soil for our grape varieties. It gives the wine the uniqueness we have all really come to appreciate and uphold.