How about an extravagant wine? With zest? Or even sweet? Then these wines will be perfect for you. For connoisseurs, aficionados and pleasure seekers.

of the extra-ordinary kind

Blue Roots Cuvée Reserve

Blue Roots Cuvée Reserve

Matured in the old loess cellar.

A cuvée of Zweigelt and Blauburger. Aged for 10 months in barriques. Our old loess cellar serves as the maturation room. Wonderful roast aromas, delicate chocolate, vanilla, cherry integrated into an appealing acidity. Great for laying down.

of the extra-ordinary kind

Franzesco Rosé Frizzante – schlichtweg prickelnd

Franzesco Rosé Frizzante

Downright sparkling.

A sparkling wine from the Zweigelt grape. The berrylike, fruity Frizzante is the sparkling, Austrian alternative to Prosecco and the like. Stimulating and seducing.

of the extra-ordinary kind

Dolce vita – das Leben spüren.

Dolce vita

Feel life.

A sweet wine made from Pinot Blanc grapes. Its lovely fruity sweetness is pleasant, dense and lingers on the palate for a while. Aroma of dried fruits. The dessert wine to have with cheese.

of the extra-ordinary kind

PR privat

RR privat


This is our white cuvée wine made from Rhine Riesling & Pinot Blanc. Semi-dry, creamy with a balanced sugar-acid ratio. Very elegant. And it even comes with potential for laying down.