This location allows us to cultivate tangy but classical wines. Their character speaks of power and flavour. Delicacy coupled with elegance. A fine, elegant drinking pleasure.


Grüner Veltliner klassik – Nomen est omen.

Grüner Veltliner Classic

The name says it all.

Our Veltliner par excellence needs no second asking and offers fine fruity flavours. The typical “Pfefferl”, a peppery finish, is found in abundance in our model pupil. Dry, earthy, a slight hint of tobacco. The perfect accompaniment for any dish.


Rheinriesling – Ein ganz feiner Kerl.

Rhine Riesling

A really fine chap.

Scent of stone fruit, racy, balanced acidity, delicately fruity, apricot, peach, classic variety, delicate, play of sugars and acids, harmonious, long-lasting finish, dried apricots, caramel.


Pinot Blanc – Außergewöhnlich

Pinot Blanc


It makes your heart beat faster with its classic, powerful Burgundy fruit. Full-bodied, with a hint of pear, nutty, creamy and elegant. With a long-lasting finish.


Zweigelt klassik – im großen Holz ausgebaut.

Zweigelt Classic

Aged in large wooden barrels.

Its typical cherry aroma, the strong colour, the fruity earthiness – all of which makes it an Austrian classic. Subtle notes of sour cherry, bitter chocolate and a harmoniously integrated tannin. And velvety. Always.


Blauburger – der weiche Milde.


Soft and mild.

The beautiful dark purple, its velvety flavour. They make this mild red wine so enjoyable. Perfect tannin, blueberries. Simply elegant.